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The Task at Hand

The function of the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission is to review the existing electoral boundaries and make proposals to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as to the area, boundaries and names of the electoral constituencies of the province in accordance with Alberta legislation.

Your Input

In addition to collecting written submissions, the Commission will hold two rounds of public hearings across Alberta to allow the public to present their input on the task at hand.


After considering written submissions and presentations from the first round of public hearings, an interim report will be submitted to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta by May 31, 2017. This report will set out the Commission’s proposed changes to the boundaries of Alberta’s electoral constituencies.

Following the publishing of the interim report, the Commission will hold its second round of public hearings with Albertans.

After further deliberations and considerations of public input, the Commission will present its final report to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in October 2017.


The Commission must take the following factors into consideration in making its recommendations to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta:

  • the requirement for effective representation as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,
  • sparsity and density of population,
  • common community interests and community organizations, including those of Indian reserves and Métis settlements,
  • wherever possible, the existing community boundaries within the cities of Edmonton and Calgary,
  • wherever possible, the existing municipal boundaries,
  • the number of municipalities and other local authorities,
  • geographical features, including existing road systems,
  • the desirability of understandable and clear boundaries, and
  • any other factors the Commission considers appropriate.

The population of a proposed electoral constituency should not vary more than 25% from the provincial average, except in a few special cases.

See how your constituency measures up to the provincial average.

Written Submissions

The Commission will consider your input when making its recommendations to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

How to Submit